So thankful for all of you

As we near the end of 2020, my team and I thought about all that was 2020. We kicked off the year with steady sales meeting monthly goals. Topo wallets, first aid kits and custom orders were being mailed out by the hundreds each month.

Then a pandemic hits the US!

All production halted for about a week as we decided what our next move would be. In March, hospitals were asking anyone with a sewing machine to start making face coverings in large volumes. The pattern looked simple enough, though I’d personally never made one. Cotton fabric and mask making was not our specialty, but we began to hear the urgent need of so many that needed them. In effort to help those in need, we began this journey, like so many others, of making masks in large quanitites.

Our business plan was simple. 1. We will not profit off of a medical emergency. 2. Masks cost $1 in materials to make. If we charged $5/mask with our customers knowing 4 of their dollars allowed us to donate 4 masks, then we could afford to spend our time donating masks to those who were in need. Over a three month period, we were able to make and donate 2687 masks to local medical offices and nursing homes throughout the Puget Sound and the Navajo Nation in Arizona (Much love to you David). Many of you reading this supported this by purchasing masks or donating money. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Whether you ‘believe’ in the validity of wearing a face covering, you were providing someone else with one or two that felt better and safer having one.

Mask making only lasted three months as supply caught up to demand and large companies were able to mass produce faster than us little guys. We resumed our regular schedule of cutting and sewing ripstop and dyneema composite over the last six months.

Friends, we are making it to the end of 2020 and I am beyond thankful for all of you that have supported the Craggy Peaks journey; some of you from the very beginning…before there was a website. When I’m in the shop sewing first aid kit bags or trail wallets, I often think of many of you and how blessed I am to have your support and friendship. I am humbled by your commitment and belief in the gear and “making it light and making it fun.”

So if you haven’t heard it enough, Thank You So Much Craggy Peaks Supporters!

“Make it Light, Make It Fun”

Box 1/2: 50 face coverings getting ready to be shipped to Navajo Nation in June

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